Corporate Social Responsibility

Our vision is to play a vital role both in transforming people's lives and empowering societies to grow and progress. At CrimsonCobalt Media, it is our aim to keep providing services and products of high-quality and striving towards a world where technology forges ahead - without compromising the ideals of humanity.

We aim, strive and commit ourselves to providing comprehensive, suitable and beneficial solutions to help society earn the most out of it.

New Dimensions to Corporate Social Responsibility

All the programs that we undertake in villages and rural areas are in consultation with local and national government bodies. Our Corporate Social Responsibility is based on the following principles:

We work actively in the following areas:

Energy Sector

With help of international intellect and patented technology, Crimson Cobalt has been successful in developing energy out of waste food on a micro level as a pilot project. Waste food, is presently a major concern, as it decreases the fertility of the land, and is planned to be used as an opportunity to create new resources.


We aim to empower the rural population, which on average, constitute 60% of every developing country. CrimsonCobalt has adopted tribal schools in Maharashtra, India with the intent of making students skilled in milking cows. This is also backed by comprehensive support in the form of providing food, nutrition, transportation, uniform, stationery, personal and academic accessories etc. to the children.

Vocational Training

CrimsonCobalt provides regular computer training and musical training to poor children and young adults. The best project implemented so far deploys rural tribal artisans in the textile industry. These artists are trained in skills like carpentry, embroidery and work leading to the export of cotton or other environment-friendly fabrics.

Competency skill Set Sevelopment

CrimsonCobalt also provides behavioral and life-skills training. This training helps young adults to attain the confidence necessary to get jobs in large corporate organizations.

Women Empowerment

We conduct training aimed at women's development to increase the number of entrepreneurs, leading to diversification and increase in businesses carried out by women.


Being associated with the best and the biggest media houses, we have been successful in attracting focus to the problems of the unserved sections of society. This activity has seen a few highly-rated stars contribute voluntarily by participating in events that has helped attract the general public and the government officials.