Online Marketing Advice & Consulting

Even the best marketing experts flounder when it comes to the Digital Realm. We have a diverse team with young people who can relate to an online presence, mixed with experienced marketers who are strong on the principles of marketing. Our teams therefore execute brilliantly online as well as offline.

In the online space, our experts know PPC advertising (such as Google Adwords), traffic building, online branding and image management, email campaigns amd much more! It is very important for any business to carefully manage their presence as well as their brand

We can give you a 360° plan that will bring results

Online marketing is a complex and delicate process. Once misstep can have ripple effects that in some cases have mortally wounded brands that reached too far or in the wrong direction. At the same time, speed is of the essesence, because there are no more fickle customers than those online - thanks to unending distractions that the online world provides. And there there are so many parameters, that most off-line marketers are unable to manage. It takes a special kind of team, one with a mix of young and old, technical and creative, that can handle your online marketing needs. At Crimson Cobalt Media, you are sure to find such a team.

Digital Display Marketing

As our reliance on technology increases, chances are, your customers are reliant on it too. At Crimson Cobalt Media, our team of media buyers and planners are committed to ensuring your brand gets the recognition it deserves. This is about making sure that we deliver a consistent brand feel across all the potential advertising touch points your consumers interact with.

Our team specialises in ROI planning and tracking, search strategy, electronic direct marketing expertise and creative services.

Crimson Cobalt Media will provide you with a tailored solution to your business' requirements.


Lead generation drives potential customers to brands in real time, with those customers expressing direct interest in a product or service and requesting further interaction with a brand. For most B2B companies, lead generation is the main conversion point for a search marketing campaign. Companies often have a large amount of data about their customers at their disposal but do not have the ability to organize or use it properly; Crimson Cobalt Media provides proper structuring of all this data and then helps clients define customer segments. The key is optimizing lead generation media to where the highest value customers are generated—and we do that better than anyone.

Crimson Cobalt Media’s platform houses all lead generation activity in a central place and provides a link between the media and how your customers act after they have given their details. Built-in quality control rules ensure that you only pay for genuine leads, and performance reports show not only the quantity of leads but how much revenue these leads produce. Transparent value reporting allows you to see the value alongside online and offline DR activity.

Our lead generation services include the following:


E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercially to the desired audience. It is one of the best tools to attract new customer and staying in touch with your existing customer. Targeted Email Marketing gives maximum ROI. Not only does it give you a positive ROI, but also helps in Online Branding by creating a premium identity for your online brand.

We provide the following components of Email Marketing:


Increased bandwidth and growing appetite for video content is driving an explosion of original content and paid advertising across YouTube, Vimeo, Google Video Ads, and similar sites. Video is a very rich content form, boosting user engagement, search engine optimization, and brand awareness. And with the prevalence of blended search results (sometimes called 'universal search') across the three major search engines, it's more important than ever to include video as part of your digital marketing strategy.

This is why Crimson Cobalt Media has a dedicated integrated video marketing team working across all aspects of video, from blogger outreach and pre-roll to SEO. We provide best practices for video optimization and enhancement including recommendations on optimizing the webpages that host video files and optimizing submissions to engines that accept, upload, and host video files. Rather than taking a channel-centric approach, we put one of your greatest assets—your video—first.


Your website content must engage with two major audiences: your customers and search engines. When deployed effectively, quality content boosts natural search traffic while also providing website consumers with an experience that drives them to take a desired action. In other words, content is fuel for conversions.

Crimson Cobalt Media ensures that the levers of your content—volume, type, location, time, authorship—work together at optimal performance to increase SEO rankings and drive positive online engagement. Using in-depth audience insight tools and social listening technology, we build a content strategy around your key audiences, verticals, and brand identity. We handpick creative talent from our pool of journalists, expert copywriters, editors, graphic designers, developers, and video producers to produce expertly researched content. Our global footprint, spanning 4 continents, enables us to produce localized content in our specialists’ native languages. We then strategically place this content—whether copy, graphics, video, or offline—to achieve your unique business objectives.

Crimson Cobalt Media’s technology platforms allow us to monitor and analyze how each piece of content is received by the target audience and on which device in order to identify which types of content (e.g. contextual, video, infographics) are the highest performing. We tailor our content development strategy around this data and connect its marketing impact with real performance metrics, such as sales and leads.

As we optimize each piece of content, customers are more willing to share and these social signals improve search results. The content people share online and how they share it has a direct impact on how a brand is discovered in the digital space.


Web analytics offers critical insight into how marketing initiatives are performing—yet marketers rarely use this tool to its full potential. And those who recognize its potential often struggle to transform data into actionable insights that drive business performance. Understandably, marketers become frustrated with the lack of cohesive tools and resources that can make sense of this onslaught of data.

Crimson Cobalt Media provides both the technology and expertise needed to translate large amounts of data and put meaningful insight to action. The focus of Crimson Cobalt Media’s analytics solution is to centralize and scale efforts related to data, meaning we can get even the largest of clients up and running like clockwork.

Our full spectrum of analytics services includes consultancy, implementation, training, bespoke dashboards, attribution modelling, forecasting, tag management, and mobile and social tracking—all customized to reach your business goals.